What Is Click Fraud and How Can Companies Mitigate It?

click fraud

According to Solve Media , the rate of online fraud rose 40% in the U.S. in 2013. With projections set for online advertising to reach $62 billion by 2016, the need to find solutions to that is more critical than ever. The Solve Media study indicates that in Q2 2013, 22% of mobile traffic and 42% of web traffic.

Fraud click is like a chronic disease: it can’t be cured but there are some remedies that help to mitigate its overall impact. Most of these solutions are cost prohibitive for small businesses who don’t have the in house IT resources to maintain a watchful eye. Monitoring analytics for indications of solid referral sources and websites and directing marketing dollars there is one solution that some companies with social media managers can tackle. Working with reputable ad placement agencies can help as well.

The following video was created with a local medical aesthetic company in mind for an Internet Marketing class. It provides a general understanding of click fraud for a non marketing audience and suggests some considerations that small businesses wanting to break into online advertising may want to consider.

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Fracking in the EU Just Around the Corner

Sixteen percent of the natural gas supply used by the EU comes from pipelines that pass through Ukraine from Russia. In 2009, when Russia and Ukraine couldn’t come to an agreement over pricing, Russia turned off the tap, demonstrating how vulnerable that supply of natural gas is to the EU. To offset the energy instability brought on by the Ukrainian tensions, the EU is considering adoption of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking. Read more about it by clicking the link below.

European Union to Consider Fracking

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Gender-Based Discrimination Caused by Apple?

gender-based discrimination

Is the apple in the garden of Eden responsible for gender-based discimination? Was it actually an apple? This opinion article explores the role of the apple in gender politics with slight detours through the Hero’s Journey and social norms based on Judeo-Christian ethics.

Apple Responsible for Gender-Based Discrimination?

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Modern Artists’ Vagina-Based Art Is Platform for Social Awareness

vagina artThe recent kidnappings and probable selling into sexual slavery of Nigerian school girls, the gender (and ethnic) rantings of now-dead Elliot Rodgers, and the ubiquitous misogyny that characterizes Internet comment sites is evidence that the perception of women’s value of women around the globe is compromised.

The article below demonstrates how three modern artists are using sculpture and performance art to explore the delicate relationship between female sexual identity and gender-based violence. Links at the end of the embedded article provide videos of interviews with the artists.

Sculpture and Art Explore Vagina Taboos [Video]

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Freelance Tip: Create Pinterest Board for Portfolio, Post to WP as Widget

Pinterest is gaining popularity as a promotional tool. Freelancers can take advantage of the visually rich environment to promote their journalism, photographic, or other freelance content. In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

  • Create a Pinterest board.
  • Load your work onto your new Pinterest board.
  • Create an HTML widget for your Pinterest board.
  • Embed your HTML code into a text widget box.
  • See your beautiful new board on your widget sidebar.

Leave a comment in the section below and tell me what you think. Better yet, suggest topics for additional tutorials.

Pinterest board widget

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