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Hello, Dear Reader,

I’m Kaley. Welcome to my digital ‘hood.

As you heard in my video and can see in my CV, I haven’t always been a maven of digital journalism. I’m 46 and grew up with a black and white TV, so who are we kidding? Point is that I didn’t grow up in the news industry. Before launching into a Master’s program at Full Sail University, I spent a lot of time buying and building businesses.

The longer I live, the more social causes mean to me: poverty, feminism, food security, and contemporary indigenous issues. Weaving multimedia skills around these systemic topics provides me the opportunity to investigate, interact, and educate with our local influencers and expose their stories to you.

Studying New Media Journalism has retooled my communication skills. Learning how to shoot and produce multimedia not only opens the options of freelance journalism, social media content creation, and web production to me professionally; but it also gives me an opportunity to teach you what I am learning. Maybe you can start a blog too, if you don’t already have one, and we can grow them together as we talk about the world around us.

But for now I am still learning. Many of my stories are about local public education. I decided to dive into the implementation of the controversial Common Core State Standards for my Master’s Capstone project. I hope to interview national thought-leaders in school reform as well as local teachers and administrators who are busy implementing the new standards. I will publish my findings in the next couple of months.

I encourage you to stick around for the ride. Give me your feedback. I would specifically like to know how I can make my content more valuable to you! And until we meet again,

Be well!


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2 responses to “About

  1. Hi Kaley,
    I checked out your site as soon as I got home after meeting you at the NANOWRIMO kick off event today. You have some really great articles. I am excited to see there is another health/eco conscious foodie out there. I am huge with the organic, non-GMO, grass fed scene. Heck, I even ate grass myself in solidarity with all the cows out there I’ll put you on my favorites and keep checking out your site.
    -Nicole Stevens

    • Thank you, Nicole. I appreciate that! Someone is not yet used to handling comments (<-this girl!)

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